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2021-2022 Dress Code

There is a new dress code policy in place for the 2021-2022 school year in order to build our Thornton Middle School community and school pride.  

Dress Code Tops:
Students are expected to wear a Thornton Middle School shirt at all times during the school day. 

One free t-shirt will be provided to all TMS students. 
Additional shirts may be purchased for $5 during office hours 8:30-4:45 p.m.Monday through Friday starting August 16th, 2021.     

Dress Code Bottoms:
Bottoms need to follow superintendent policy as outlined here:  

1.0 Appropriate school attire should encourage school pride and unity, should promote uniformity of dress, and should support a safe and orderly school environment. Clothes should fit appropriately and the body should be sufficiently covered so as to avoid distracting others, or otherwise disrupting the learning environment. 

2.0 Students are expected to abide by the following general guidelines: 

2.3 All attire should be sized to fit without exposing undergarments, buttocks, stomachs or cleavage; 

2.4 Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length when arms are resting at sides;

2.5 Shoes/sandals must be worn at all times.