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Ms. Wood's Language Arts class

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Language Arts


All assignments and information will be posted on Schoology.

The goal of the English Language Arts Course (ELA) is to teach our students strong writing and reading skills. We want students to be able to effectively communicate and understand what they read.  Reading and writing skills are the foundation of all other learning.

In sixth grade, students will: 

  • Read a variety of texts and books including short stories, poems, novels, independent reading books, non-fiction articles and research. 

  • Analyze text for literary and informational elements.

  • Write summaries, narratives (fictional stories), argumentative pieces, explanatory and research papers.

  • Complete reading projects on their own and in small groups.

  • Keep "Learning Journals" to record learning experiences. 

  • Explore vocabulary, spelling, and other language development.

  • Engage in the writing process, including revision and editing, applying  proper grammar and punctuation to their writing.

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