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7th Grade - Avalanche Classrooms

Ms. Bringelson's Math class

Subject: Math
Welcome to 7th grade Math!  This year we will continue to grow our foundation in Mathematical knowledge to allow for success in your future math classes.  Some of the topics we will cover include: Integers Rational Numbers...

Mr. Dujardin's Humanities class

Subject: Humanities
Core 1 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 9:00 am-10:09 am  Wednesday 9:00 am-9:50 am   Core 2 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 10:13 am-11:22 am  Wednesday 9:54 am-10:44 am Core 5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 1:53 pm-3:02...

Ms. Martin's Science class

Subject: Science
Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science! My name is Ms. Martin and I am so excited to be on my second year teaching at Thornton Middle. My goal is to help each kid see that they have what it takes to be a scientist- and that science is fun! As Bill Nye...