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7th: Trailblazers Core

7th: Trailblazers Core Classrooms

Mr. Dujardin's Humanities class

Subject: Humanities
Core 1 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 9:00 am-10:09 am  Wednesday 9:00 am-9:50 am   Core 2 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 10:13 am-11:22 am  Wednesday 9:54 am-10:44 am Core 5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 1:53 pm-3:02...

Mr. Gutierrez's Science Class

Subject: Science
Science is a hands-on, collaborative, human experience and we can best learn science by doing real science together.  Therefore, we will use the process of science to learn all about the Life:Cells, The Human Body, Health, Genetics, and...