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English Language Development

Picture of kids standing on a globe

English Language Development Classrooms

Ms. Fauls

Subject: English
Welcome to Mrs. Fauls' English Language Development class! Please use Schoology to find your assignments. Let's work together to make this a great year!

Mr. Greenlee's class

Subject: English
Hi! I'm Mr. Greenlee and this is our ESL Class page.  During this school year, we will learn new words and new ways of using them. If you're already a good reader and writer in English, the most important thing you can do is Practice,...

Ms. Heck's class

Subject: English
6th, 7th and 8th grade Newcomers United States, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Afghanistan Ms Heck’s Newcomer/ELA  All work will be posted on Google Classroom.            

Ms. Pulzone

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome to Ms. Pulzone's ELD class! Everything you need can be found on Schoology.

Ms. Rotman

Subject: English
Welcome to Mrs. Rotman's ELD class! All of your work will be on schoology. I look forward to a great year!