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This is the spot you can find a brief outline of handouts, notes, graphic organizers, etc if you were absent from class. Clink on the links below to access. 

Blank Tip Chart for Vocabulary

Station #1 readings (French and Indian War Stations) and Notecatcher

DBQ Perspectives

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File Albany Plan of Union Questions.docx13.35 KB09/27/2019
File Albany Plan of Union Rdg.docx32.44 KB09/27/2019
File Proclamation of 1763.docx59.24 KB09/27/2019
File The Boston Patriots.docx26.6 KB09/27/2019
File The Townshend Acts.docx16.79 KB09/27/2019
File The Townshend Acts_0.docx16.79 KB09/27/2019
File The Writs of Assistance - lower.docx14.06 KB09/27/2019
File The_Boston_Tea_Party.docx12.61 KB09/27/2019
File Writs of Assistance Questions.docx13.23 KB09/27/2019
File Writs of Assistance.docx17.58 KB09/27/2019
Microsoft Office document icon Sugar Act of 1764.doc26 KB09/27/2019