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Gifted & Advanced Academics

Our mission is to maximize learning opportunities for each student.

District 12 has an obligation to provide appropriate educational opportunities that will enable all students to reach their potential. Therefore, it is the purpose of Gifted and Talented Education in District 12 to address the unique educational needs of students who are talented and gifted so they may grow to be fulfilled, productive and contributing members of our community. District 12 is dedicated to instruction that challenges and motivates gifted and talented students to achieve at an optimal level.

In order to provide the best possible educational opportunities to gifted children, District 12 advocates a variety of gifted best practices. Each of the following instructional strategies/programs is designed to promote the District goal to develop students who are competent, creative, ethical, healthy, productive, successful, thoughtful, and good citizens.

More Information

For more information about the Gifted & Talented program at The International School visit the Adams 12 Five Star Schools - district website.