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The Needs Assessment Deadline is 9/15!

What is a Needs Assessment and why are we doing it?

The Needs Assessment is a tool that allows you to share a little bit of your experiences over the past five months. Each school building has staff (school counselors, mental health providers and social emotional learning specialists) there to support your  social and emotional wellbeing.  The assessment gives you an opportunity to directly tell us if you would like one of these providers to connect with you.  It also provides you an opportunity to tell us if we need to support you and your family by connecting you to available resources.  This assessment will also help staff and administrators “keep a pulse” on the social and emotional wellbeing of the entire school.  These are incredibly stressful times, and we want to make sure that every student feels seen, heard and valued and has the support they need to succeed.                               

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What do you mean by mental health? And why the personal questions?Feedback checklist | Flickr

Just as each person has physical health, everyone has mental health as well. Mental health is basically how you are doing. This can range from  how you are currently dealing with stress to how your relationships with others are going to your ability to manage your feelings and mood. We all get stressed, but how we handle that stress defines our mental health.

There are times you may need immediate help or to talk to someone urgently about your mental health. If you need immediate help you can call or email our mental health team members or complete the 20-21 Cougar Counseling Request form.  The contact information and the form are listed on the school website’s counseling tab. If you are in need of support right now, call Colorado Crisis at  1-844-493-8255.

Who is going to see my assessment? Will my teacher know how I answered the questions?

Your responses are confidential but not anonymous.   Your individual answers will only be seen by your school’s administration (principal, AP, dean), mental health providers, and social emotional learning specialists.  School aggregate data (a summary of everyone’s responses) will be shared to teachers and to district-level administrators.

So how does the assessment work?

The assessment has eight questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. Here is a sample question: How has your mental health and wellness changed since March? 

Where can I get more information?

Feel free to talk to your parents, teachers and principals if you have any questions or concerns about filling out this assessment.