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Ms. Fischer's Humanities class


IMPORTANT: Due to school closures, we are temporarily moving to remote learning. More information on assignments and meeting online for class is on the Google Classroom site. Please be checking Google Classroom for any updates and more information. 

If you have questions about class or remote learning, please email me. This is new for all of us so we want to be able to support you the best that we can!

In 6th grade social studies, we study geography, history, economy, and politics in the Western hemisphere (North and South America). Students will use their reading and writing skills to analyze primary sources and use geographic tools to provide a base for future social studies curriculum exploration. Below are the topics that we will be covering throughout the year:

  • Unit 1: Geography Skills
    • Students will use maps and other geographic tools to evaluate people and systems of the Western Hemisphere.
  • Unit 2: First Nations (Inuit)
    • Students will study the universals of culture through the lens of the first nations in North America, like the Inuit.
  • Unit 3: Ancient America (Maya, Aztec, Inca)
    • Students will study the key pepole, events, and ideas of the ancient civiliations of Mesoamerica and Peru.
  • Unit 4: Conquest and Colonization
    • Student will study the impact of European colonization on the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.
  • Unit 5: Revolutions and Post Colonization
    • Students will study the indepndence movements throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Unit 6: Contemporary Study of the Western Hemisphere
    • Throughout the year, students will study current issues in the areas we study in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Unit 7: Personal Finance (Saving & Investing)
    • Students will study how saving and investing are key contributors of financial well-being.