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Mrs. Burkel's class


In this class, we will be focusing on computer science and programming. We will cover topics like digital citizenship, cybersecurity, and copyright. We will work on skills like computational problem solving, programming, typing, and online communication etiquette.  

The two main goals of this class are:

1. Student have a basic understanding of how the technology works
2. Students have multiple ways to show what they know using technology

Remote Learning:

Goals of the Week- Get logged in and introduce ourselves

Office Hours: Every day from 12:15-1:00

Flex Class Time: Wednesday during grade level times

Online Meeting Schedule-

8th grade:  1st period 9:00 - 9:52      2nd period 9:56 - 10:48    

7th grade:    3rd period 11:26 - 12:18      4th period 12:57 - 1:49                                                                                               

6th grade: 6th period 3:23 - 4:15

*Google Meet links and information can be found in the Schoology.   

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