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Mrs. Johnston's Science class




We are excited to start the 2020-21 school year even though it will be online for the time being. This will be a year we'll never forget! With us all giving our best effort, we will learn and thrive. You will learn about the history of the earth, fossils, human body systems, traits from parents to offspring, and how this all works together!

Students will be starting each day in Schoology (in the student Dashboard when you login to your computer). Once you are in Schoology, you should see icons for each of your classes. Click on the icon for a particular class and you'll see a banner to click on in order to get into that class' videochat. You will not be allowed in until the teacher is in the videochat.

7th grade science has a focus on biology (study of living things) and consists of six units: Unit 1 is Geologic time, Unit 2 is Cells, Unit 3 is Human Body Systems, Unit 4 is Genetics, Unit 5 is Natural Selection and Unit 6 is Change over Time.

Please sign up for a free texting service called Talking Points to stay connected to information about my class, such as upcoming tests, deadlines, etc...  This is a service for BOTH students and parents. Texts will be occasional when important information needs to be sent out. Click here to follow instructions to sign up for your student's class period (slides 3-6).

I'm excited to get started! 

Lisa Johnston

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