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Cyberbullying App

Sarahah is the latest social media application to create a stir. Simply put, Sarahah is a one-way, many-to-one anonymous messaging system that allows people to send messages to a particular person without the recipient knowing who sent them. These can come from people you know (from those in your phone contacts, for example) or from practically anyone, depending on how you have distributed your unique link.

Here’s how it works: First, you download, install, and open the app on your mobile device. Then you enter the usual personal information (name, email address, gender) and create a username and password. Once you agree to their Terms of Service (which are very basic at this point) you are given a specific URL (which is your to share with others who can then send you anonymous messages.

From reports, most teens who use Sarahah embed their personal URL within their Snapchat photos or Instagram stories (though I believe Instagram link embedding is only currently available to verified users). This allows viewers to comment anonymously on what is seen. Of course the link can be distributed in any number of other ways: on other social media platforms, on a website or blog, or pretty much anywhere. Keep in mind, though, even if you only post your link to a select group of close confidants, one of those people could share the link more broadly, increasing the potential for abuse.

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