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Mrs. Aylor's Language Arts Class

Language Arts

Language And Literature: MYP Year 2 (7th Grade)

This year in Language and Literature students will be working to improve their literary skills as both a reader and a writer.  These skills are not isolated in their respspective fields, but they work together continuously to improve a person's life.  In this class, students work towards becoming great readers who can analyze an author's craft and effect on an audience while, at the same time, implementing authors' skills in their own writing.

What To Expect In The Classroom

In class, teachers and students work through the workshop model of instruction to ensure every person has maximum work time to practice and progress through their objectives.  Students often meet in small groups to discuss, ask questions, and work on formative assessments with feedback from the teacher.  Students have many opportunities to collaborate with their learning, exercise free choice in their reading selections and writing pieces, and take ownership of their work in order to improve their own skills.  In class, students are given time to transfer many of their reading and writing skills in other content areas as well.  Many interdisciplinary units are designed to help students work on greater concepts throughout multiple disciplines and continue to collaborate with other students in their classes.

How The Home Can Support Students

Students and families are encouraged to work at home to support the learning happening in the classroom.  Students should be reading as much as possible every day; any genre of text can be used.  Families and students should also be checking the student's progress on Infinite Campus on a regular basis.  All assignments and assessments are updated on a weekly basis.  For more information on what strategies parents and families can do to support, please check the "Resources for Home" page on my class page.

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