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6th Grade - Kingston Classrooms

Mrs. Bair's Humanities Class

Subject: Humanities
Sixth grade social studies is the study of history, geography, the economics and political makeup of the western hemisphere.  Students should be able to analyze, use primary sources and geographic tools to provide a base for future social studies...

Ms. Gillis' Math Class

Math equations
Subject: Math
Expectations: Please note that all students are required to come to class on time every day prepared with their planner, textbook, composition book, a pencil and a positve attitude. I expect all students to be accepting of each other and...

Ms. Hubbell's Science Class

Earth Science
Subject: Science
"The important thing is not to stop questioning."  - Albert Einstein 6th grade students will be learning about the small and large aspects of what makes up the world around us.  We will also cultivate the important skills of critical thinking,...

Ms. Wood's Language Arts class

a stack of books
Subject: Language Arts
In Language Arts, students will be reading fiction and non-fiction texts and writing essays.  While reading, students will analyze these texts for plot, character, theme, centeral idea, point of view and author's argument, along with summarizing...