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7th Grade - Leicestershire

Picture of a castle in Leicestershire

Welcome to the Leicestershire Core! Search the pages below to find your teachers' class pages. There you can find homework calendars, important information, assignments and other class documents. You will also find contact information for every teacher.

The following study session times are available for students to receive help from instructors in each content area:


Math: Tuesdays 4 - 4:30 pm


Language Arts: Tuesdays at lunch, 11:52-12:23

Number Worlds/LLI: Tuesdays 4-4:30pm

For alternate times, please contact your student's teacher.

If you have been removed from class, fill out the Reflection Form here.

If you need to speak to a counselor, fill out the Counseling Request Form here

If you're gonna Master some Math, click Math Masters link:

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7th Grade - Leicestershire Classrooms

Mr. Grapner

Subject: Humanities
Wecome...This semester we will take a trip back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome and Greece.  

Ms. Hoots

Subject: Science
Welcome to the Leicestershire MYP Science page!  Science is a hands-on, collaborative, human experience and we can learn scientific theory best by doing real science together. As scientists, we will look at data and evidence to come up with our...

Mr. Sherman's Math Class

Subject: Math
Math helps us analyze the world around us. It is like a game that has rules, but helps us solve puzzles and problems. It is not a process of merely memorizing skills or plugging in numbers. Mathematics helps us approach problems with a logical and...

Mrs. Worosylo's LanguageArts Class

Subject: Language Arts
Language and Literature: MYP Year 2 (7th Grade) This year in Language and Literature students will be working to improve their literary skills as both a reader and a writer.  These skills are not isolated in their respective fields, but they...