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7th Grade - Beijing Classrooms

Mrs. Aylor's Language Arts Class

Subject: Language Arts
Language And Literature: MYP Year 2 (7th Grade) This year in Language and Literature students will be working to improve their literary skills as both a reader and a writer.  These skills are not isolated in their respspective fields, but they...

Ms. Gilbertson's Math Class

Subject: Math
Welcome to 7th grade math.   In 7th grade math we will be investigating the following topics. Integers Rational Numbers Expressions and Equations Inequalities Ratios and Proportions Percents Constructions and Scale...

Ms. Johnson's Science Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to the Beijing MYP Science page!  Science is a hands-on, collaborative, human experience and we can learn scientific theory best by doing real science together. As scientists, we will look at data and evidence to come up with our own...