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7th Grade - Nairobi

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Welcome to 7th grade Nairobi Core! 

Search the pages below to find your teachers' class pages. There you can find homework calendars, important information, assignments and other class documents. You will also find contact information for every teacher.

The following study times are available for students to receive help from instructors in each content area:

Social Studies: I have 7th-grade lunch duty in the cafeteria first semester. I can help you during lunch. See please me so that I can bring you the assignments to get caught up.  

Language Arts:  Before school (7:45-8:15 AM), lunch, or after school (3:45-4:00 PM)

Science:  Before school, 7:45 - 8:15 A.M. or lunch Monday or Thursday in Mrs. Woody's room

Math: Before school, 7:15-8:00 A.M. or lunch any day of the week

Reflection Sheet Link:

Reflection Sheet: When You're Finished, Show The Teacher Your Reflection.


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7th Grade - Nairobi Classrooms

Mrs. Johnston's Science class

Subject: Science
7th grade science has a focus on biology (study of living things) and consists of five units: Unit 1 is Geologic time, Unit 2 is Cells, Unit 3 is Human Body Systems, Unit 4 is Genetics, and Unit 5 is Natural Selection.

Mr. Payne's Language Arts class

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome to 7th grade English language arts! I base my English language arts class upon the following idea from iconic educator Paulo Freire: When you read the word, you read the world. Therefore, in my class you will gain skills to grow as close...