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8th Grade - London

Picture of the Big Ben Clock in London

8th Grade - London Classrooms

Ms. Del Cid's Science Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to my classroom page! Parents and students this classroom page is for you. There are helpful links on this page to help you can find your google classroom or the units of study, so you know what we are working on. If you have any questions...

Mrs. Moe's Math Class

Subject: Math
This year, in 8th Grade Math, we will be preparing students for High School.   We hope that our students become self-sufficient and gain confidence in their Math abilities throughout the year.  In class, students will have numerous opportunities to...

Mr. Williams' Humanities Class

Subject: Social-Studies
This year in Humanities we will be focusing on US History.  Students will start by diving into the 13 American Colonies and how their relationship Great Britain led to the American Revolution and the creation of our country.  The class will end the...