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8th Grade - Cairo

Picture of boats in water near Cairo

Welcome to the Cairo Core! Search the pages below to find your teachers' class pages. There you can find homework calendars, important information, assignments, and other class documents. You will also find contact information for every teacher.

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Reflection Sheet

Counseling Request Form

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8th Grade - Cairo Classrooms

Ms. Gardner's Math class

Subject: Math
8th Grade Math: Welcome to 8th grade math! This year we will be preparing students for High School. In class, you will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with your peers while problem solving and learning new material.  Our hope is that...

Mr. Grapner's Humanities class

Subject: Humanities
Welcome!  This year in Humanities, we will be visit the origins of the American colonies.  We will look at how we built a nation, the forces that drove us apart and how we put it all back together.  Students will be able to use this information to...

Ms. Saukel's Language Arts Class

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome to 8th grade language arts! If you finish early: Breakout Plot Activity: