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8th Grade - Cairo Classrooms

Ms. Clark's Humanities Class

Subject: Humanities
This year in Humanities we will be focusing on US History.  Students will start by examining the 13 Colonies and the problems with Great Britain that led to the American Revolution.  The class will end with a project on Reconstruction after the...

Mr. Ellerbruch's Science Class

Subject: Science
Welcome to Eighth Grade Science!   We are going to have an exciting year while studying a wide range of topics.  Currently, we are studying Newton's Laws of Force and Motion.  Below are some links we have used in class.  Make sure you have...

Ms. Gardner

Subject: Math
8th Grade Math: Welcome to 8th grade math! This year we will be preparing students for High School. In class, you will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with your peers while problem solving and learning new material.  Our hope is that...