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Mrs. Bair's Humanities Class


Sixth grade social studies is the study of history, geography, the economics and political makeup of the western hemisphere.  Students should be able to analyze, use primary sources and geographic tools to provide a base for future social studies curriculum exploration.

  • Geography Skills: A study of the geographic tools used to evaluate people and systems of the Western Hemisphere.
  • First Nations (Inuit): A study of the universals of cultural through examination and perspective of the First Nations of North America.
  • Ancient America (Aztec, Inca, Maya):  A study of the key people, events, and ideas of the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica and Peru.
  • Conquest and Colonization:  A study of the impact of European colonization on the indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere.
  • Revolutions and Post Colonization: A study of the independence movements throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Contemporary Study of the Western Hemisphere: A study of current issues in the Western Hemisphere.