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Mr. Gutierrez's Science Class


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Science is a hands-on, collaborative, human experience and we can best learn science by doing real science together.  Therefore, we will use the process of science to learn all about the Earth: Earth’s processes, Water, Energy, and Matter.  

Student assessments will be in the form of exit slips, projects, labs, presentations, essays, Computer based tests and summative assessments based on MYP objectives.

Grading Policy

This course assesses on 4 objectives.  The objectives are Knowledge and understanding, Inquiring and designing, Processing and evaluating, and Reflecting on the impacts of science. The rubric achievement levels are 1-8.   I will grade all summative assessments with rubrics.  In all courses, the higher the rubric score on a summative assessment, the better the student’s demonstration of knowledge.  At the end of the semester and year, I will issue a Final MYP Mark.  I will determine the MYP Final Mark by the knowledge the student demonstrates throughout the semester and year in each objective.  As your teacher, I will consider summative assessments, formative assessments, observations, and student circumstances when giving an MYP Final Mark.  To determine the MYP Final Mark, I add the trend score in each of my content area’s objective.  I then give an MYP Final Mark based on a 1 through 7 scale provided by The International Baccalaureate.  Again, the higher the 1-7 score, the better the mark.

Missing assignments for a student that has not completed any work, has not turned in a project, or has not attempted an assessment will become part of the overall demonstration of knowledge that I will consider for an MYP Final Mark.  Every student has the right to take a summative assessment once.  However, re-takes/re-dos will not be permitted until all classwork has been completed and a study session attended.  I will evaluate exceptions on a case-by-case basis.  Students who complete 95% of classwork will be allowed to re-take/re-do assessments provided that the student attends a help/study session with the teacher.  The study session requirements will be an agreement between the teacher and the student.  Re-takes/re-dos of assessments must be completed by the end of the next unit.  In addition, all make-up work must be completed by the end of the next unit.  Students will always receive the highest grade they achieve on a test.

Study sessions will be every Monday between 10:52 am to 11:26 am.