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Ms. Gooch's Orchestra Class


Parents and Students, 

Welcome to The International School at Thornton Middle's Orchestra Program! I am very excited for the opportunity to work with your students and watch as they grow and develop as musicians. This year we will be focusing on appreciating the role of music in our lives and society as we work towards masterery of the fundemantals of music. We will discover together how the study of music theory relates to a positive and successful performance. We will get to explore the creation and expression of music, and explore how it affects each of us differently. We will learn how to be silly, yet thoughtful. Passionate, yet controlled, as we  are growing together in relationships and learning how to work together as an ensemble. 


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Posted: 10/26/2015
Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate an understanding of rhythm and basic vocal techniques.   The benchmarks are as follows: Rhythmic Symbol Identification Quarter Note Rhythms Half Note Rhythms Whole Note Rhythms Posture Warm-... Read More