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English Language Development

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English Language Development Classrooms

Mrs. Botham

Subject: English
Welcome to Mrs. Botham's English Language Development (ELD) learning community!  In ELD we build up our skills in English reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  At the Emerging and Developing levels of ELD, we focus most of our energies on...

Ms. Fisher's ESL Class

Subject: English
Welcome to English Language Development! In this class we will learn and grow together as a community while we focus on English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. We will specifically focus on the language of explaining, describing...

Mr. Greenlee's ESL Class

Subject: English
Hi! I'm Mr. Greenlee and this is our ESL Class page.  During this school year, we will learn new words and new ways of using them. If you're already a good reader and writer in English, the most important thing you can do is Practice, Practice,...

Ms. Hohensee

Subject: General Education
Welcome! This is English Language Development! In this class we will enhance our English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. We are going to expand our knowledge of the English language through individual and group activities. 

Ms. MacVaugh

Subject: Language Arts
Welcome! Emerging English is a Language Arts class focused on reading, writing, listening, and speaking at the discourse, sentence, and vocabulary levels. Students will communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in...