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Mrs. Betty's Math Class


Remote Learning Expectations: Starting April 1, 2020

Please watch this video to know what to do for online learning: Filezoom_0.mp4

All classwork, videos, and assignments will be located on Google Classroom.  Remember to access google classroom or Big Ideas math, you FIRST need to log into your gmail. 

Schedule and links are in Google Classroom


Attendance will be accounted for by the completion of assginmnets in Google Classroom and/or any communication you have with Mrs. Betty (goole hangout, emailes etc). 


Grades will be pass or fail during this time.  Please ask for any help you need on assignments.  

Do The Math

In sixth grade math this year we will investigate the following units:

  1. Numerical Expressions and Factors
  2. Fractions and Decimals
  3. Algebraic Expressions and Properties
  4. Areas of Polygons
  5. Ratios and Rates
  6. Integers and the Coordinate Plane
  7. Equations and Inequalities
  8. Surface Area and Volume
  9. Statistical Measures
  10. Data Displays

Homework:    Textbook Link:    You must sign into school gmail before using this link. 

Khan Academy:  (then search NWEA for maps practice)    You must sign into school gmail before using this link. 

Help with math masters:

help with long division

help with long division WITH A DECIMAL in the quotient

algebraic expressions millionaire game:

Graphing Jeopardy :

CMAS practice:

Map Math review:


Keyboard practice:

Coding lesson:     code: RGQMLM

Hour of Code

art games:

typing race:

GAME for school:

Digital Citizenship game/Interland:

Digital Escape room - Turkey Escape :

Digital Escape room day 2 - The Case of the Missing Key :

Lost at the Museum:

Scholastic Thanksgiving:

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Khan Academy

Posted: 08/30/2017 Search NWEA for maps practice