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Ms. Kellogg's Class


Art Class

Doodle Books:
All artists’ will be responsible to Doodle in a spiral notebook (given to them) in class each day. Artist will start each class doodling in their notebooks for the first 5-8 minutes of class. This is the time the teacher will take attendance and help students who were absent. Doodle Books will be checked in every 5 days. Doodle Book is a MYP Criteria requirement to show a body of evidence of the artist work through-out the semester.

Cougar Artist in the Art room follow the IB working protocols:
Caring; taking pride in their work and showing respect toward others.
Balance; focusing on the artist’s process and products.
Risk-Takers; participate in classroom activities, giving and accepting feedback and following through with challenging ideas.
Communicators; expressing ideas using appropriate eye contact and feedback, showing respect towards others and have a willingness to listen.
Thinkers; being in the moment (pay attention and avoiding distractions), applying critical and creative thinking skills curiosity towards learning.
Inquirers; ask thoughtful questions to clarify and validate, showing curiosity towards learning.
Knowledgeable; developing an understanding of art concepts and how they connect to other areas of study
Principled; show integrity and honesty while taking responsibility for their actions. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
Open-Minded; understand and appreciating that in art there are many points of view, opinions and traditions. Each person’s appropriate thoughts and ideas are respected.
Reflective; giving thoughtful consideration to their artistic growth and development.

Areas of Study:
Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Crafts, Ceramics, Sculpture, Design.