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Ms. Clark's Math Class


Welcome to 8th grade math! This year we will be preparing students for High School. In class, you will have numerous opportunities to collaborate with your peers while problem solving and learning new material.  Our hope is that you begin to work through problems without giving up easily.   

Here's some information for our distance learning:
Google Classroom code: iefj34u
Prodigy Classroom codes (case sensitive):
Period 3: 71F026
Period 4: 842FE3
Period 5: 49C1E1
Period 6: 930F9A
Daily Office Hours: 12:00-1:00 Zoom Link

We will be using the Big Ideas Math Blue Textbook. You must log in through gmail to access the link.

 The topics we will be learning this year are below. 

  • Chapter 1: Equations
  • Chapter 2: Transformations
  • Chapter 3: Angles and Triangles
  • Chapter 4: Graphing and Writing Linear Equations 
  • Chapter 5: Systems of Linear Equations 
  • Chapter 6: Functions 
  • Chapter 7: Real Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem 
  • Chapter 8: Volume
  • Chapter 9: Data Analysis and Displays 
  • Chapter 10: Exponents and Scientific Notation 


You will have homework at least twice a week. On Mondays you will be given Math Masters homework which will be due every Wednesday. Content homework will be assigned as needed. 

Helpful Links: 

Math Masters 

Khan Academy  


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