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Ms. Hoots


Welcome to the Leicestershire MYP Science page!  Science is a hands-on, collaborative, human experience and we can learn scientific theory best by doing real science together. As scientists, we will look at data and evidence to come up with our own explanations of life. We will contribute to the global scientific community by becoming more aware of how the world works.

Course Topics:

  • Geologic Time: How old is the Earth? How do we know? What are some significant events that have happened in the history of the Earth and how do we know they happened?
  • Cells: What are the characteristics and needs of life? What are we made of?
  • Human Body: What are you capable of? How does your body function? How can the choices you make affect the way your body performs?
  • Genetics: What makes us who we are? How to living things make more living things?
  • Natural and Artificial Selection: How does nature decide how life changes? How do humans decide how life changes?
  • Life Changes Over Time: How has life changed over time? What has determined those changes?

General Information:

In science, we are adding pieces into our interactive science notebooks daily.  These notebooks are kept in the classroom, and can be used for reference for most assessments.  Students are encouraged to keep their notebooks in order and add to the table of contents so that they can find information more easily.  

The first week of school students received a copy of the lab safety contract and should have brought it home to be signed by both you and them.  If students have not returned a signed copy of the lab safety contract, they will not be able to participate in any labs for the school year. We want every student to be able to participate in labs, so if you have not signed your student's contract please do so.