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Adams County Career Expo

The Adams County Economic Consortium Career Expo will be held on Tuesday, November 15.  All 8th Grade students in our county including The International School at Thornton Middle will be attending.  Our students will have the opportunity to interview business and education professionals from agriculture, architecture, construction, communications, athletics, finance, business management/marketing, hospitality, IT, law enforcement, energy sectors, science and many more.  Students are expected to dress business casual or wear their school uniform.  All students must have an ID and a signed permission slip.  All permission slips must be returned by Monday November 7.  Students must be here by 8:20 on Tuesday November 15 to make the bus departing at 8:30.

When:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Departing School:  Via Bus 8:30am
Dress:  Business Casual or School Uniform
Permission Slips are due by Monday, November 6