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Pupil Count 2017

Pupil Count 2017

Next Monday will mark the beginning of the Pupil Count Window for the 2017-2018 school year.  The window goes from Monday, September 25 to Monday, October 9.  Your child's attendance during this time is extremely important.  The attendance data collected by the Colorado Department of Education during this window is what is used to determine our school's funding.

We will be giving prizes daily for students that are in attendance and we will have a drawing on October 10 for a special prize for students that have perfect attendance the entire two weeks.

Good luck to your student and thank you in advance for ensuring that your student is at school and on time every day!

Why Is It So Important To Attend Every Day?

  • Learning is a progressive activity.  Each day's lessons build on the the lessons from the day before.
  • Many classes use lectures, discussions, demonstrations, experiments and participation as part of the daily learning activities.  Students that are absent, miss these valuable educational experiences. 
  • Student participation in daily classroom activities helps enforce what students are learning.

How Does My Child Benefit?

  • Research has shown that students with good attendance generally achieve higher grades and enjoy school more.
  • Regular school attendance patterns encourage the development of other responsible patterns of behavior.
  • Students who develop an "on the job" attitude toward school will be more desirable to future employers.

What Can Parents Do To Help?

  • Make sure that your child goes to school regularly and arrives on time.
  • If your child is ill or must miss school for another reason, contact the school immediately. You can ask for make-up work for your child to complete at home.
  • Whenever possible, arrange family vacations during school holidays so that children miss as little school as possible.
  • Take an interest in your child's school work and be involved in the school as much as possible.