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Puerto Rico Trip

Puerto Rico


We're pleased to announce that your child is invited to International School Thornton's 2021 trip to Puerto Rico! As there is limited space on the trip and spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, we will be holding a meeting to discuss the itinerary, what’s included and what payment options are available.

Please RSVP, whether you’re able to attend or not, to ensure ongoing communication regarding this opportunity. Submit your RSVP through the link at the end of this letter or scan the QR code below by Wednesday, October 23rd.

The meeting will be held the next day on Thursday, October 24th at 5:30pm. I believe this will be a truly impactful experience for our students and I hope you are excited to learn more about this incredible opportunity.

R E B E K A H B A I R & H E A T H E R W I M M E R

r e b e k a h . b a i r @ a d a m s 1 2 . o r g

h e a t h e r . w i m m e r @ a d a m s 1 2 . o r g

h t t p s : / / r s v p . e f e x p l o r e a m e r i c a . c o m / d 5 f s c u j

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