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Social and Emotional Wellbeing Assessment

Please check your email or text messages for a link to the Thornton Middle School needs assessment.  These 11 questions help our school and district to better understand how your student and family are doing to help us meet your needs!  It is optional, and please email if you need the assessment sent to a different email or have any questions.

Thornton MS needs assessment CLICK HERE

Dear Thornton Middle School Families:

Your child’s social and emotional wellbeing continues to be of vital importance to us. I am writing today to inform you that this fall we will once again be conducting a Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Needs Assessment of your child. This assessment is voluntary and will be used to help us understand your child's needs and the needs in our school community.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Assessment: What Parents/Guardians Need to Know


The questions in the assessment ask for families with their student(s) to share their experiences over the past six months, evaluate their student’s sense of school belonging and connection, indicate if they need to be connected to resources, and allow for families and students to directly ask for support from our school counselors, mental health providers and social emotional learning specialists.

How to Take the Survey

Click on the link above to answer the questions.

We ask that you complete the assessment with your child. The assessment is completely voluntary. Every family will receive the email but if you would prefer your child not participate in this opportunity simply do not take the assessment. 

If you have more than one student at this school, please complete a separate assessment for each student. This assessment is school-specific, so please look for an email from each school if you have students at multiple Adams 12 schools.  

What This Means for Your Child and Other Students

Your child should know their voice and school experiences matter. The assessment is a way for families  and students to communicate their experiences and needs. The assessment results will be confidential, but not anonymous. Individual student data will only be seen by your school’s administration, mental health providers and social-emotional learning specialists. School summary (aggregate) data will be shared to teachers and to district-level administrators.

What This Means to You as a Parent

We encourage families to complete the assessment together. You might be contacted by a school counselor, mental health provider and/or social emotional learning specialists depending on how you and your child respond to the assessment. Schools have many ways to connect with students and identify students that need care. This assessment provides one more way for us to guarantee that we are making connections with students and providing necessary support.

What This Means for School Counselors, Mental Health Providers and Social Emotional Learning Specialists and Schools

The purpose of the assessment is not only to provide appropriate staff information to quickly identify students and families to connect with, but it also provides schools with an overall assessment of the social and emotional wellbeing of all the students it serves. The assessment is intentionally designed to be short so that it functions as an initial way to prioritize student needs. A child’s entire experience cannot be shared and/or determined through an assessment. When our providers meet with students and/or families they leverage their professional expertise to gather more information, listen closely and partner with the student to support them in achieving their goals. 

How Can I Learn More?

Feel free to contact me or our school Mental Health Team.  Emails and phone numbers are on the Thornton Middle School website or call the main office at 720-972-5160.


Martin McCarthy