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The last day to check out books from the Library is May 13, 2022 and all books are due by May 17, 2022. Please return all books checked out from our Library. If you are attending a  District High School next school year and don't return your books, your fines will follow you. 

If you have a clean library record (you can't owe any money to any school for library materials), you can enter the drawing for a free "Selfie-Stick". We will be giving away 5 for each grade level. See Mrs. Bender for details and to enter the drawing


Students will be keeping their chromebooks over the summer for use next fall. However, each device will need to be seen before the end of the year. Your device will then be renewed for next year's use.  The dates we will be renewing the chromebooks are Thursday, May 19 and Friday, May 20. Make sure you bring your chromebooks to school with you on those days. You do not need to bring in the charger. If you are not able to present your chromebook for renewal you MAY be charged a $250 fine. More details to follow.


Top Ten Library Patrons

Help us congratulate our top 10 student library patrons at Thornton Middle School. 

1. Carla Camacho /8th grade/ 68

2. Tim Martinez /7th grade/ 67

3. Cecilia Reyes/ 8th grade/ 59

4. Ximena Rodriguez/ 6th grade/ 50

5. Hazel Calderon /6th grade/ 48

6. Raul Ramos /6th grade/ 41

7. Jovon Mendoza/ 6th grade/ 40

8. Sharifa Miry/6th grade/39

9. Oscar Cortez /8th grade /36

10. Julian Lovatto/6th grade /34

As of 5/12/22


You can read on your chromebook all summer long! Check out SORA or Destiny Discover.

SORA is the on-line e-book reading platform. All the titles on SORA are ebooks or check out Destiny Discover. Destiny Discover has physical books as well as ebook titles. You can read to your heart's delight with either platform. Just click on one of the links below.

Destiny Discover

The Library now has 2 chromeboxes dedicated to Destiny Discover. These chromeboxes will enable you to look up books in the library system without having to bring your chromebook with you. These chromeboxes are located under the windows on the east side of the Library. 

Click here for Adventure Themed Page

Click here to request a book you'd like to have at TMS Library.